"A family tree can wither if nobody tends it's roots"


Welcome to HoosierRoots, a web site devoted primarily to my genealogy research. As you might guess many of my family lines have deep roots in my own home state of Indiana. I have divided this site into "communities," with each community focusing on a different line. Eventually I hope to include additional communities devoted to select locations, such as Posey County, Indiana. I also plan to add a section listing tips about Genbox, a new genealogy program that I use to track my research.

Below is a list of the communities that I have created at this time. I hope this information helps you in your family history research. I look forward to hearing from my distant cousins and other interested researchers; email me at dcwesley@hoosierroots.com or send me a letter at the address listed at the bottom of the page. Please stop by often to see what new information I have added, the highlights of which are listed at What's New.

Hillman Family

My paternal grandmother was Ella Gertrude Hillman.  The HILLMAN / HILLMANN family emigrated from Mecklenburg, Germany, and Prussia in the 1860s to 1870s, moving directly to La Porte, Indiana. Here, also, you will find some information on the related HAMANN, DANKERT, EGGEBRECT, and SHUMACHER families. My research on this line is very sketchy to-date. The majority of the information I have comes from a questionnaire that my grandfather, A.T. Marvel, created and distributed to the relatives of his wife, Ella Hillman.

Marvel Family

My paternal grandfather was A. T. Marvel. My paternal grandfather was A. T. MARVEL, the son of James Andrew MARVEL and Nancy Elizabeth WHIITNG. The MARVEL family emigrated from England to Maryland, passing through Georgia on their way to Gibson and Posey counties in Indiana. The PRETTYMAN Community explores the colonial Delaware ancestry of this line.

McCord Family

My maternal grandmother was Erma Ruth McCord. The McCORD family emigrated from Ireland (or perhaps Scotland) sometime between 1784 and 1824, passing through Virginia and into Hocking County, Ohio, by 1825. The family then moved to Indiana in the late 1870s, living in the area of Clinton and Tippecanoe Counties.

Jones Family

My maternal grandfather was John Jacob JONES Sr, a descendent of Hiram Addison JONES (1795-1878) and Sarah TAYLOR. The origins of the family are still unknown. By the 1860's the family was located in Boone County, Indiana, moving to Attica in Fountain County, Indiana by the 1890's.
  Other lines that I will be am starting to add include my father's from Posey County, Indiana, including WILLIAMS, YOUNG, WILSON, WHITING, McREYNOLDS, LOWE, ROGERS, SMITH, and SPAIN, as well as the colonial PRETTYMAN family. I also will be adding information on my mother's family who settled in Boone, Clinton, Tippecanoe, and Fountain counties in Indiana - the ABBOTT, MEEKER, DUDLEY, MARSTON, DICE, GLASCOCK, JULIAN, and STOVER lines. And, even though they hail from Kentucky instead of the Hoosier Land, I am assembling basic information on my husband's WESLEY and DENNEY ancestors. For now view information on these families by referring to my uploaded genealogy research on Rootsweb and GenCircles.

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